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Who is Youth Leadership Services (YLS)
YLS is a non-profit organization that evaluates  community, social and educational needs then develops and manages programs,  services and technical resources to support the organization in its delivery of services to the public sector. 

Our vision includes four areas of focus
“The Board of Young Successors” (The B.O.Y.S.) 
     Our Main Focus
Structured Educational Programs
Community Service Events
Battered Women and Children Programs

The B.O.Y.S.
The program format that we use with the B.O.Y.S. simulates that of a Board of Directors.  The youngsters take ownership of a project and execute it from conception to completion. The value added to the community is to provide an environment for young boys to develop the basic skills of life. 


Our task is based on our belief that the successful transformation of a depressed community into a strong community rests in the development of our youth.   

Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop and implement programs, educational initiatives and activities that will serve to strengthen, develop and motivate the youth in our communities.

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